Bulb Off - Bulb On

1st Pic Off

Thanks to Korey Lewis for finding this.

Historic Bulb Out Pictures!

Pictures by Juliette Goodrich on the scene!
Out Still at 5:57 AM ........... On at 6:25 AM

Taken at 5:57 AM

Taken at 6:25 AM

Picture by Barry Schrader on May 25th.
It looks much brighter than the 4 Watts it had been.

Taken at 5:57 AM

It appears the first time it was spotted off on FB
was at 8:45 PM by Frederick V. Goodwin.
The Bulb came back on around 6:30 PM the next morning.
Thanks to Tom Brammell, the Electrician, and Station Captain,
Curtis Dickey for getting the Bulb back on for all of us.
The cause? According to Tom "Regarding the UPS
(Uninterruptible power supply) the first one was installed
late 2001 after we realized the bulb cam would record
every second and we didn't want the light to be out
during a power failure. Ironic, huh?".
So it was off at least for 9 hours and 45 Min.
Thanks also goes to everyone else who wrote in
and who sent in pics.

Please see links on the front page for the TV and paper coverage.

BulbCam Sequence

Above is a sequence I caught on a Sat. afternoon.

Historic Reunion!

A visit by the twin sister! (Click to enlarge)

For more pictures go to the Articles page.


2006 New Bulb Cam

Bulb Out 2013

Many thanks to the fireman who climbed up and snapped
the first three shots for me. As the last one shows from the floor, the bulb still says "ON".



Below is various shots at different times.


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