Our light has been glowing for just over 110 years, an amazing feat of modern science, but the fact is there are a few bulbs out there that have been burning almost as long. This page is for all the bulbs out there that deserve thier own well earned recognition!

Ft Worth's
Palace Bulb

Come see our tribute to the Fort Worth Palace Bulb to learn about this wonderful little piece of western history, and help celebrate when it too passes 100 years next year!

Gasnick Bulb

According to Roadside America, this bulb that was turned on in 1912, just 11 years after the Livermore Bulb. It ran in the Hardware store of Jack Gasnick, until the building was torn down to make way for a new high rise. There were never any pictures taken, or articles writen, and what happened to it or whether it still burns is unknown. What is known is that Mr. Gasnick's Bulb was a wonder for New York and should not be forgotten.

Mangum, OK
"the Bulb"

Around 1926-29 a new lightbulb was screwed into the outlet of the Mangum Fire Department. Firemen came, and went. The light was turned on , and left on without much thought, until one day after all the other bulbs were replaced on a regular basis, this little one kept burning.

There is no camera, no fanfare about it. It just keeps working! People are welcome to visit, just don't bother the firemen.

Fortunetly I was able to visit "the Bulb" and the nice folks of Mangum in August of 2007. Please follow this link to my Mangum tribute page.

A special thanks to Roadside America for providing the info and original photo!

Ipswich, England's
Martin & Newby Electrical Shop

Around 1930 a light was installed in the washroom of the Martin & Newby Electrical Shop in Ipswitch, England. Unfortunetly it burned out the same year Livermore's Bulb turned 100. The building was then demolished for a new building. Please follow this link to our tribute by means of the Evening Star of Suffolk U.K

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