Welcome to the newest section of the oldest lit light website!

The 1st section is for the folks that keep us safe around the country, ... excuse me, the world!
That would be the Firemen of Station 6, and all who have written to our guestbook and sent patches. Thank you one and all!

Fire Departments

The 2nd is a place you can still buy a few bulb things, the famous Livermore Heritage Guild.

Heritage Guild | Fund Raiser

Sorry, no more t-shirts, but maybe some postcards.

The 3rd section is the SHELBY CONNECTION. It is devoted to the Shelby Light Bulb Company, of Shelby, Ohio and all those who take an interest or collect them. Just follow this link, Shelby.


This section is a tribute, to all the bulbs out there, that have been burning thier way into history along with our light. What amazing little marvels of wonder these are!!!


At last, here's your chance to add Your holiday snaps to the bulb site! Just send me 1-3 pictures, and your story of your time under the glow, and I'll add you to this section.


The 4th section is for all the schools and kids that have either visited in person, or online as a class. To those interested this is the place you can become part of the bulbs history, and add your shining faces to the site as long as it shines.

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