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This page is dedicated to all the local firefighters of the Tri-Valley who serve us in our times of need just as consistently as a little light bulb that burns over their heads at Station 6.

The Livermore-Pleasanton Firefighters Foundation is a non-profit organization created to support injured and fallen firefighters, police, EMS personnel, and their families both locally and across the state, as well as the burn foundation and the community through donations to local, state, and national charities. The LPFF is also committed to the future of the fire service with scholarships for individuals who express the will and desire to carry on in the proud tradition of public service.

We of the Centennial Lght Bulb Committee whole heartedly endorse this non-profit organization, and encourage each of you to show your support by buying a Centennial Bulb souvenier or sending a donation.

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Below you can see the FireFighters selling Bulb souveniers offered forthe first time to the public, including the Replica Centennial Bulbs by Bulbrite.


We do not sell anything from this site, but the items shown here are sold at:

The LPFF Store

All T-Shirts: Child Size



All T-Shirts: Adult Size






Bookmarkers & Postcards





Shot Glass



Pint Glasses


$10 or 2/$15

Mason Jars


$10 or 2/$15

Beer Mugs


$10 or 2/$16


Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Fiighters Foundation IAFF

Please follow these links to see our local fire fighters, and show your support to them today.



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