CBS Crossroads

with Charles Kuralt

I have heard about this interview with Charles Kuralt, and knew it's signifigance to the authenticity, and national awareness of the bulb, but had never actually seen, heard, or read what happened until 2007.

In researching the web I came across first, reference to Mr. Kuralt's book On The Road with Charles Kuralt, which contains the written version of the interview, shown just below.

I discovered the Vanderbilt TVNews Archives, shown below.

So dust off your shelf, and enjoy the history!

1972 CBS News interview

On The Road with Charles Kuralt
from the 1972 CBS News interview

by Charles Kuralt

Page 237......................Page 238

Here is a photo of Retired Chief Kirby Slate holding his signed book of Charles Kuralts book On The Road. Thanks Kirby!!!

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