The City of Livermore, had another party for the Bulb on June 18th, 2011.. It was an afternoon of food & fun, and a walk down memories lane. Please follow these links to pictures from the day. I would like to thank everyone who contrbuted thier photos to these pages. They were:

Dick Jones
Dodie Jones
Paul Leps
Dick Finn
Tom Bramell
& David Bunn


We had several displays about the Bulb, Fire Department, and Liverrmore history.


The party was Great with cake, ice cream, live music,
and a ballon drop, all for a little Bulb.

Movie Premiere

The night before was the premiere of the movie Century of Light.
Here are a few pictures from that.

As an added bonus the movie "A Century of Light" by Chris Leps, will premeired at the Vine Threatre. Committee members were on hand to answer questions after the showing. To see how to get your DVD of the movie go to his Web Blog.


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