Juliette Goodrich

Fire House Bistro Signing


Photos by Dick Jones
& Steve Bunn

On Dec. 20, 2008, Juliette signed her book again, at the Fire
House Bistro in Livermore, California. This was the actual Fire
House the bulb hung at for 70+ years. Below you will find a few
pictures of the event.

Juliette Catching the Glow

The Day in Pictures

She was met by her friends, and fans for her third book signing. Shown above, Juliette with an actual 100+ year Shelby bulb lit for the occassion.

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Setting Up



Photo Opps!

A new/old bulb glows on!


It was a wonderful time of community and friends coming to support Juliette and her book The Little Light Shines Bright!

As a note from the webmaster, Division Chief Lynn Owens served at this very Fire House for many years.


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