This wonderful mural, commisioned by the city of Livermore, by Vera Lowdermilk & Kean Butterfield, was painted on the side of the old Fire Station 1, where the Bulb hung for 70 years. The picture above is the whole mural.


Custodians of the Bulb 2011

Custodians of the Bulb 2015

This beautiful painting, by Kean Butterfield, was unvieled to the public at the 110th birthday party for the Bulb. It is named Custodians of the Bulb, as the 4 people surrounding the Bulb had a signifigant role in its history. The painting was revised and displayed at the 1 Million Hour party.


Ken Ball of Sandia National Labs came up with this graphic design that we have used for postcards, t-shirts, cakes, and the background of this website. Thanks Ken!

Movie Graphics

Chris & Tony Leps made a movie about the Centennial Bulb called Century of Light, and created a new graphic of the bulb pictured above. Chris tells me it is a colorized version of an original Shelby Lamp Works envelope.

Local Artist Poster

A local Tri-Valley artist, Mitch Millar, made a nice Bulb Poster that is becoming very popular. If you would like a copy you may contact him directly at Mitch Millar Studios.

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