Joan Ubeda

Photos by Dick Jones & Steve Bunn

In June I was contacted by Cosima Dannoritzer of Mediapro in Spain, about a tv documentary he is working on about the ever-shrinking lifespan of consumer products. The film will feature stories from the US, Germany, France and Spain and be shown in several European countries plus Australia. As the producer, Joan stopped by to discuss the project, and "see" the bulb for himself. Below are a few pictures of his visit. I for one, had a great visit with him and will be looking forward to the filming!

Steve Bunn

Pictured above is Joans encounter with the Centennial Bulb. In his hand he is holding an antique Shelby light bulb to get an idea of the fragile but enduring beauty of these bulbs.

To see the film the Director, and film crew in action, follow this link.

Joan Úbeda Biography
Responsible for Media 3.14, a company within the MEDIAPRO group, specialising in documentary and TV series production. In 1983, he joined TV3 as the news programme artistic director. From 1984 to 1992, he was the director of the programme "30 minuts". From 1993 with Francesc Escribano he created and directed many television series such as "Ciutadans" (Ondas Award 1994), "El cangur", "Les coses com són" (Ondas Award 1996), "Generació D", "Vides Privades" and "Bellvitge Hospital". In 1992, he published the book "Reportatge a televisió, el model americà". In 2000, he won the "Premi Nacional de Periodisme".


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