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Photos by Jones, Bunn, Livermore Heritage Guild,
& Tri-Valley Herald

A couple of years ago I contacted Lynn Owens, the Chairman of the Centennial Bulb Committee, Retired Division Fire Chief, and Livermore Fire Department Historian, and asked if he would take me to see where the old Fire Houses were, and where the bulb got it's start.
He agreed and off we went!

Second Street Fire House

Our first stop was at a bank parking lot. Not much to see, but as Lynn talked about it, walking off where the building had been, and the bell tower, I could start imagining from 100 years ago.
So he showed me a photo from the 1970's of the very same building. It had been modified, the false front gone, a porch built all around, and two big fire doors missing, but still this was it. It was being used as a rental, was not in the best of shape, and was torn down shortly after this photo. Still you could see where the the town hall was up stairs, and the fire Department on the first floor.
As he showed me the photo we walked across the street to the spot where this photo was taken. A vacant lot!. So using my imagination, of seeing it without the modern wires, poles, and cars I used my PC to color and put the building back on it's lot, somewhat like it appeared in the 1920s.
Then Lynn showed me a sketch of what it had looked like in 1890, and challenged me to create a picture of the Station 6 as it might have appeared in 1901 when the Bulb was first installed. So hear you have it! The Second street Station, complete with Bell Tower, Fire Boys, Pull Cart, and of course, our Shelby Light Bulb.

Lynn In front of where the station had been

Sketch from 1890 Map

1901 Map

Photo of Station in 1970s

As it might have appeared in 1920s

Vacant lot

If it were still with us in 2010

Second street Station

Burglar Bell, had been in the tower

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