Fire Department

Moving to the back courtyard we found the entrance to the old firemens bunkhouse, which is now a womens apparel store named ?.

Back of Old Station 1, & Old Bunk Room

The Old Bell Tower where the 1876 bell, and recall air horn were located.

The back stairs to the Police squad room, formerly City Hall.

A closeup of the Stucco Work

The Old Jail, now the Delinquent Dog Groomer.

Lynn standing in the old day room, pointing at the door to the App floor

This womens apperal store was the old bunk house.

In the back of the Day Room Lynn recalled the many training classes

Lynn showing us the small kitchen and coffee area.

A ghostly visitor at the back door. The owner explained barking could be heard at night, and paw prints keep coming back on this door. Notice the light under the door knob.

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