Fire Department

When we got there we found a very quaint old bookstore, Oasis Books. Other than racks of books, the station was still very much as it had been in 1976.

Inside Old Station 1 - 2006

In front of the store, behind the owner are the roll-up doors.

To the left of the second set of doors, is the personal entrance door.

The compressor, work bench, hats & gear were along this wall.

The hoses, ladders, were stored along this wall.

Old vent and skylights from WPA

Just in front of sign, the old bulb outlet

Ray Winegarner with Bulb 1973

PG&E Official, Wayne Barrons, 1972

To see the station as it was follow this lnk to the Kuralt interview;

1972 CBS News interview

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