The Firefighters Foundation, headed by Matt Thau went All out for the 1 Million Hour party, but left something in place for all to enjoy for years to come. Nestled under the glow of the Centennial Light Bulb a display consisting of mounted flat screen tv, framed awards, newspapers, and historical photos, and museum quality display case that can only be best seen to be believed. Dick Jones took the photos below and you can see all his shots by going to light bulb display.

The Wall

This is what the wall under the Bulb now looks like.

Frames 1

The frames to the left arefrom the State Senate of CA in 2001, and Energy Commission in 2002. The large frame has old Shelby Electric Co pictures and a diagram from the Bay Area News Group in 2011.

Frames 2

The large frame has two original old news articles from 2008, & 2015, with a German newspaper. Dennis Bernal in front of the court house, Shelby investors, bulbs, & the custodians of the Bulb.

Awards 1

The Rotary award, price list, CA Assembly, .

Awards 2

Alameda County Board, City of Livermore, and a poem A Little Light.

The Donation boot stands ready.

Sign In!

The guest book is ready for you to join the proud history of guests. The photo of the Chaillet kids holding a Shelby bulb like the one in the display case, and the Centennial Bulb.

Display Case 1

1st Shelf: America Off the Wall award, old fire station 1 photo, & postcards.
2nd Shelf: Books & Video
3rd Shelf: Fire Fighters axes, and T-Shirts.

Display Case 2

1st Shelf: The Bulbrite Replica Bulb, glasses & hat for sale.
2nd Shelf: T-Shirts
3rd Shelf:T-Shirts. and Antique light Bulb Display. To the Bulb an actual Shelby Bulb in a drop light cage.

Timeline Banner

This is the new banner for the 1 Million hour party. I have been reminded our President started in 2008, but as fits the timeline he was re-elected in 2012.

The Display

And that is the display for now. As you look at this picture compare the size of the Bulb at the top with that of all below it. All of this for a light that just won't stop! Please come and enjoy it

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