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For our 1 Million Hours of Service party in 2015 Valley Catering of Pleasanton California made a flat cake for us showing the cover and page from the Guinness 2013 edition about the Bulb. It was a rare treat. Thank you Guinness & Valley Catering!

The Centennial Bulb is Officially back in the 2007, and the 2013 editions of Guinness! Almost 20 years after it was taken out, it is now at 105 years, the officially world recognized oldest running lightbulb! Not that we ever had any doubts...

Thank you Guinness.

On page 200!

In trying to find out which Guinness Books the light was mentioned in, Roger Jones of England wrote me this;

I can confirm that the light bulb is mentioned in the 1983 edition of the Guinness Book of Records under the heading Most Durable Light. However the 1970 edition under the heading Most Durable says that "on 21 Sept 1908 a stagehand called Barry Burke at the Byers Opera House, Fort Worth texas screwed in a new light bulb and that it was still burning" I have looked at this further and the first edition that mentions the Bulb at Livermore is the 1972 edition. It also appears to be in every edition upto and including 1988.

-Roger Jones

New Romney, Kent
United Kingdom

Thank you Roger for your help! The question still remains, why did Guinness remove the lightbulb after running it for 16 years? Especially as it just past 100 years. Ripleys and the rest of the world seem to appreciate this amazing achievement. Let's hope Guiness will see the light again someday.

American Edition


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Australian Edition


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 A special Thanks and Cheers goes out to Mal Kent of Wyong, central coast NSW Australia. This will be added to our Bulb Library.


U.S. Paperback

March, 1980

American Edition


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Newspaper 1985

 Newspaper March 2, 1983

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