Fort Worth's

Palace Bulb Tribute

In the town of Fort Worth, Texas a light bulb, very much like the one in Livermore, (most likely a Shelby), has been burned for 100 years as of Sept. 21, 2008! A feat only achieved by this and one other bulb in the history of mankind! It is now at the age of 104 and counting!

Most of its time was spent at the rear entrance door to the Palace Theatre, and after it's demolition, was moved to the Stockyards Museum. As the museum is mainly devoted to the cattle, and cowboys, the bulb has it's own special corner and display.

This display, and webpage, was due to the efforts of Sarah Biles, who ran the museum a few years ago. So please join me in exploring behind the glass, to learn the history of this amazing little Palace Bulb.

On my way to my new home in Georgia, I had the chance to stop by, meet these nice folks, and snap a few shots. Follow the visit link below.

The Palace Bulb Display

Please click on anything above for a closer look.

I have also made a few more pages if you are curious about the bulb and the theatre it graced once upon a time.

Tribute | Palace Bulb | Palace Theatre | Museum Visit

the Late Horace Craig with the Palace Bulb Display when it turned 97!

Please feel free to visit the Stockyards Museum from 9-5, Monday-Friday, located at Fort Worth, TX 76164. As the historic town has it's main theme around cattle, so does the museum. But the Palace Bulb has a warm spot there and in the heart of Fort Worth.

Keep Glowing Palace Bulb!!!

Please follow this link for a great article written by Bud Kennedy,
"On and on go 2 shining examples of endurance"

For more information on the Palace Bulb feel free to call the museum at (817) 625-5087. Also there is a great article at

Click here for the stockyards website page on the Bulb.

A very special thanks to Sarah Biles for making this page happen

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As we heard about the 99th b-day a few of us from the Centennial Bulb sent our Birthday greetings. We talked to Sarah on the phone while she was eating birtday cake, and had her look at the BulbCam. Happy Birthday Palace Bulb!

Dick Jones under the Centennial Bulb

Dick Jones & Steve Bunn from the BulbCam

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